This may help you to be more active in the marketing field and up-to-date.

Set up a discourse with your consumers through comments on the information you publish.

  • Create a private list of Twitter users with whom you have engaged and build on them. Contacts may become customers in a terrific way.
  • Monitor and be prompt for @mentions. 71% of consumers who get a timely brand reply will suggest the brand to others more likely.
  • Listen to brand and industry-specific keywords and approach potential clients proactively.
  • Measure the contents with which your audience learns what works most.
  • Share the material of others, mention it, and appreciate it. By showing that you are also involved, you will develop new relationships and add value to your own content.


Facebook Fan Page

  • Insert strategic objective
  • Share a mix of relevant links, engaging content, videos, and polls
  • Make sure you promote upcoming events and create them in the Events tab
  • Engage with influencers



  • Create boards leveraging both content and company culture
  • Follow other businesses, thought leaders, customers, and partners



  • Promote content through Twitter
  • Segment influencers and create lists
  • Utilize promoted Tweets
  • Communicate support issues from Social Media to the support team, ensure follow-up
  • Build reputation


Influencer Strategy

When powerful individuals speak about your campaign, it may have a significant influence on reach and the decision on purchasing. It is important to recognize who speaks, whose opinions, and what they are saying has an effect.
Instagram is open multiple times in the day, and 35% of users do that. While 70% of Instagram users check it at least once a day.
Seventy percent of Instagrammers are extremely engaged in contests. 53% of Instagram users in India are between the ages of 18 and 29. It makes Instagram a viable venue for promoting young goods firms.
Over 50% of Indian Instagrammers have bought goods or services from their follow-up business.


WhatsApp Marketing

The popular bulk message sender

Bulk WhatsApp Sender | 100% Safe Whatsapp Marketing Software (

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Through exclusive groups and broadcast listing, small enterprises sell their offerings to their specific clients to create strong interactions with them. On the other hand, medium-sized and big businesses utilize the new premium WhatsApp Business API to enjoy their consumers by providing them with information about their purchases, receiving customer feedback, and even frequent updates.
WhatsApp can be a really good way to directly connect with your consumers. There is nothing special you can do in this, it is just that you will be reaching each one of consumers, directly to them, unlike social media platforms.

WhatsApp enables brands to establish a business page on the app, which is similar to Facebook. Your profile will provide customers with crucial information like location, description, website, and contact information. A catalog may also be added.
You may contact consumers directly if you utilize WhatsApp Business. You may also automate messages with a chatbot so that your viewers can respond fast to their inquiries.


Tips on how to increase engagement

  • Tweets with photographs enhance retweets by an average of 35 percent. Please remember to keep the messages under the limit for retweets and comments at least 20 characters.
  • Facebook’s algorithm favors short text postings, which implies that they appear more frequently. However, the algorithm can change and you will have the ability to influence your audience’s interaction with Facebook posts with less language.
  • Remember: You publish your brand, so publish true “insider” pictures at greater engagement rates.


Direct Messaging is a great way to increase engagement with your consumers. It can be in the form of a comment section or even in the form of messaging. Some sample messages are below –

  • Hey [First Name]! A very delicious paneer recipe is available for Friday Night. We can get you set up with a 15% discount if you purchase today. Are you interested?
  • ₹ 50 Monday- Get PUNJABI RASOI KA PANEER at Just ₹ 50. Order now [ Link]
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  • ₹ 40 off on MAHARAJA THALI – Order now or Call
  • Hi [First Name]. Order for a friend and you any time during the month of December and get ₹100 off. Tap the link to learn more.
  • 📣 Our new location in Agra is now open! Order and celebrate with us and get 15% off your purchase today through Saturday. Order Now!!
  • Monsoon Time! 20% off this week on any Dal, Desi Curry Options, and Hi-Tea Options
  • Deals, deals, and more deals. All on our website. Log-In now and opt-in for push alerts so you never miss out
  • Now get any LUNCH & DINNER MENU with special price while takeout or delivery
  • Get FREE delivery up to 15 km radius, only applicable today. Hurry up, Order now your favorite dish
  • Local Fan favorite is BACK! Only for a limited time APNI WALI MAGGI at 20% discount
  • Happy birthday, month, [First Name]! 🥳 Show this text to your nearby Veganic outlet on your next visit this month and we’ll give you a free CHAKNA. 🙌
  • Hey, vegetarian fans! We’re giving away special dishes to one lucky winner and a friend. Just reply to this text with the word ‘BFF’ and you’ll be entered to win. See full contest details here: [Link]
  • Last Chance to get it before it is empty – THIS TOO SHALL PASTA at just ₹ 40
  • Free Beverage when you order 2 MAKE A TOAST. Order now and don’t miss out
  • Don’t forget to try our GHAR WALE RAJMA at ₹ 90. Order on Swiggy or Zomato.
  • Last Change to grab DADI WALI ALOO GOBI at just ₹ 50. Don’t miss out!!
  • Family time is always a good time! Enjoy a Maharaja Thali at special rate. Valid thru this week. Hurry Up!!
  • Want a sweet deal? Get a Lassi free with PANEER BURJ KHALIFA. Order now
  • Celebrate this weekend with CHUTHKU THALI. Order for 4 and get 3 Lassi free. Order now and Enjoy your Weekend
  • Wednesday Offer, just for you. Get an 10% discount on DESI CURRY. Order now or Call
  • What better way to celebrate this beautiful holiday than with a mint SAB KI PYARI DAL MAKHANI or DHABEWALI DAL FRY? Available now
  • Hey [Name], are you hungry? Our menu has changed since the last time we heard from you—check out what’s new here: [Link]
  • What’s your favorite dish?

Submit your vote by Sunday and win a special discount.

  • Hey there! Veganic here. Come try our limited-time [special item]. [Short description of special item]. It’s only here until Friday!

Similarly, you can opt for commenting on some photos of the food, from food bloggers or photographers. In this way, you can increase your engagement on social media platforms. There is no definite restriction for Instagram direct messages (DMs), however, accounts can send 50 to 100 DMs each day. You need to take 24 hours to break after reaching the goal on Instagram DMs.


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