Public-Relations & Communication

About Us

Public relations (PR) helps build and maintain a positive image, increase brand awareness, and ultimately attract more customers. By working with media outlets and influencers, PR professionals can generate publicity and coverage, which can lead to increased visibility and credibility.


Overall, a strong PR strategy can be a valuable asset for any hotel or restaurant looking to stand out in a competitive market and attract more business.

Organic Public Relations

The PR campaign aims to position the brand as a visionary in Hospitality, Lifestyle, Travel, F&B, etc. Through Online PR, Offline PR, Cross affiliations, Press releases, etc., we’ll create a campaign highlighting the brand’s multifaceted personality.


In today’s digital age, Digital media is crucial, offering more space than traditional print media. We’ll target prominent sites, portals, mainlines, business media, regional, vernacular, etc.


Recommendations for highlighting Brand Name, GM Name, Yoga, Nature, and FNB on a retainer basis include:


  • Authored Articles by GM across different subjects and genres.
  • Profiling opportunities in publications focusing on credentials and achievements.
  • Industry stories featuring quotes by the GM in relevant sectors.
  • Press release dissemination mainly in digital media and Regional media.
  • Collaboration with Bloggers/Influencers for social media marketing.
  • Media FAM trips to familiarize media with the brand.
  • Positioning the GM as an expert in panel discussions and speaker opportunities.
  • Participation in regional and national awards in the travel and hospitality sector.
  • Utilizing advertorial opportunities with CAT A media houses to pitch promotional content.

Option 1

  • We can plan an authored article where the brand’s spokesperson can share the brand’s details and other things that need to be highlighted.
  • We will provide coverage in CAT-A or CAT-B publications of the same.
  • It will be informative content instead of promotional, which will appear with the byline of the spokesperson and his/her designation.

Option 2

    • We can plan an authored article where the brand spokesperson can share the Brand details and other things that need to be highlighted. Where we will provide 8 –10 assured coverages in CAT-A and CAT-B publications.
    • The content will be the same in all publications.

Option 3

    • Below are the deliverables from our side:


      1. 05 Media coverages both in print and online platforms mixed with CAT A and B publications. (This coverage can be in the form of Profiling, Industry Story Participation, Regional Media, Authored articles, Interview Interaction, and Press Releases). Here, press release dissemination would be counted as one coverage.


      2. Instagram Posts/Stories by Food and Travel Influencers who have above 20K followers. (Barter or Paid). Here we can mutually discuss the Bloggers/Influencers requirements every month.


      3. Creating all the press information material for the client. This will be based on the information that will be provided by the client.


      4. Suggest a strategy to the client if anything relevant comes up.


      5. Prepare and share a monthly PR Report at the end of every month.