The whole world is getting tech-savvy, so why don’t your food? The Cloud kitchen concept is one of the best ideas that this virtual Internet world has given us. You may know it by other names like ghost kitchen, dark kitchen, and virtual kitchen, but they all are the need of the hour. Everything is switching into an online world so why don’t restaurants? Cloud Kitchen allows you to enjoy restaurant-like food at your doorsteps. You must have heard about a popular saying,

“Technology is best when it brings people together” and the kitchen has already done it. The idea has emerged from the spread of the spreading arms of technology in our modern life. The tech world is creating everything easy including eating delicious food.

But the question is How to set up a Cloud Kitchen when you don’t know a bit of it? The answer is Fielmente.

Setting up a cloud kitchen is a difficult task. You need a team, a great idea, a consultant, and many more essential things. Although many people are entering into this niche, only a few are doing good. If you want your cloud kitchen to do its best in your area, then Fielmente is there for you. Fielmente has a team that will handle everything and gives your cloud kitchen business a fly. We have assets that can kickstart your business. Still thinking!!! So here are the best 6 six best reasons why you need Fielmente for your business.


Why Fielmente for your Cloud Kitchen?​

Covid-19 is not going to end soon. With restaurants closed, how will you order food? Well, here comes the idea of Cloud Kitchen. Fielmente offers exclusive services such as cloud kitchen consultants. We are here to grow your business by putting together some great hospitality professional ideas and strategies. We provide services like key account management, digitalization, social media management, website building, and menu uploading on Swiggy and Zomato. The following features of Fielmente make it the most suitable choice for your cloud kitchen.

1. Fielmente Helps in Business Development ​

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together! Fielmente has expertise in giving a kickstart to your business. We have uplifted brands like Green Dot, Eastern Cravings, and many more. We provide the best advice, handle them, and give a boost to your brand. Since everything has turned online, we have a collection of some special technologies that will undoubtedly help to maintain your brand name.

Time is unstoppable but cloud kitchens are a massive help to walk with time, in time, and before time. We value your every thought. We make a perfect blend of tasks that helps in building the brand name.


2. Social Media Marketing

You can never ignore the power of social media. Almost 70% of the population in India have social media accounts. You can never grow your business without running with the trend. In the Fielmente team, there is a special team of Digital Marketing experts whose sole work is to grow the social media accounts of their clients. Developing social media accounts has given us fantabulous results in the past. Social media accounts like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Linked ln, Pinterest, and Google My Business, are something worth spending time and money on. They give you high profits with extreme interest. We also give you attractive social media highlights, that other company fails to provide. Do you know what makes us unique? Our Pinterest marketing skills. We divert almost one-fourth of our customers from Pinterest which gives us extra bonus.

Fielmente starts its work by finding flaws in your social media accounts. We do in-depth research, calculate the best method to give a boost to the social media accounts, create SOPs, give a definite and precise report, engage with followers, and increase the reach organically. Our graphic design team and content writer team shed all their experience to provide the best post with perfect captions including hashtags. You can see some of our work down below.


3. Perfect Report

We will not charge you anything extra. We will provide you with each and every detail of what we are doing and what we are going to do. Fielmente will share with you a report and SOP at the start of the project in which we will mention the data that we have analyzed from your accounts and platform. Standard Operating Procedure- SOP Manual is a set of instructions that address the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, AND HOW of an activity. Fielmente provides a solution to all of these. Apart from that, we will give ideas on how we will proceed forward. This is an essential step for both parties to maintain transparency.

We will share the budget with you that will include everything from the point. We allow views from your side also. We don’t run with a solid plan. Our plan is customizable according to the situation and the needs of our client. Fielmente’s main focus only stands on the satisfaction level of our clients.


4. 360-degree Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing expert team is experienced and excel in their respective department. Our services in the digital marketing niche include handling websites, increasing SEO, increasing DA (Domain Authority), maintaining the website, writing blogs, and making everything user-friendly. Fielmente never compromises anything. We handle everything in one go bringing more orders and more revenue for our clients.

Fielmente’s content writing team has a specialization in writing SEO-friendly articles that can increase the DA of any website. From our view, the home website is as important as any other platform from which you drive orders. It helps in building brand value and goodwill among customers.

We also focus on increasing the SEO score of any website. This helps in increasing ranking on various search engines including Google.

Fielmente does it all! We are not a team; we are a mission.


5. Menu Planning and Updating

Fielmente has an experienced and innovative team of members on board who can bring the “wow” factor to menus of restaurants, cloud kitchens, and cafes. Our specialized team can run any software that will handle your cloud kitchen. We have expertise in handling the Petpooja platform as most of our clients use this to grab orders from Zomato, FoodPanda, and Swiggy. In this modern world, we want everything with pace and time. We build an attractive, eye-catching menu that can crave anyone. Fielmente is unique because our team is unique.


6. Branding Consultation

Fielmente is full of experts. Mr. Sachin Kapoor and Mr. Pawan Aggarwal, both are experts in their respective fields. Apart from them, there are other members in the team who are full of knowledge. You can consult with experts who will help you understand what makes your brand and the unique challenges that fathom your way in the business ecosystem. We understand your views and your demands. We with your demands and our brain will never fail to give your business a high fly in the sky.

Now, you know the reason behind Why Fielmente! Grow your business with Fielmente!


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