Top 3 Food & Beverage Business Pitches on Shark Tank India

Top 3 Food & Beverage Business Pitches on Shark Tank India


Are you too hooked on Shark Tank India just like most of us? We knew it and we don’t blame you. The show is the perfect blend of educational and entertaining. It showcases some of India’s most innovative business ideas and today we are going to share with you our top three favorite pitches for a food and beverage business venture. We will mention a few components for our choices which will be the idea, the deal, and the “selling point/points”.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!


1. Get A Whey

Get A Whey

Idea: Sugar-free ice cream

Deal: ₹1 Crore for 15% equity

Selling Points:

  • Healthy Ice-Cream with Whey Protein. It has no sugar and comparatively lower calories than other ice-cream brands.
  • Effective Utilization of Social Media for the increment of sales
  • The impressive tagline “Get A Whey” = Get Away from Guilt
  • More than 30 cloud kitchens
  • Keto-Friendly Ice-cream
  • An excellent plan to put a patent


2. Skippi Pops

Skippi Pops

Idea: Ice Pops

Deal: ₹1 crore for 15% equity

Selling Points:

  • “Nostalgia Angle”
  • First and Only Ice Pop Brand of India
  • All ingredients used are extracted from natural sources
  • Available in liquid form in accordance with the room temperature
  • Great Branding with everything from the logo to the business name
  • Affordable cost of ice pops and
  • Patented the method
  • Plans of making it International”


3. Blue Pine Industries

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Idea: Frozen Momos

Deal: ₹75 lakhs for 16% equity

Selling Point:

  • Great Accessibility options
  • Easy to cook at home with a simple steaming process
  • The product’s ingredients are sourced naturally
  • An Authentic Himalayan Taste
  • Sale of 80+ Lakhs within 5 Years



Well, these were just some success stories of Shark Tank India. To market your hospitality business in an effective way, visit to book a free consulting session.

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