6 Steps To Do Performance Marketing For Restaurants

6 Steps To Do Performance Marketing For Restaurants

Being a restaurant owner is exciting, challenging, and requires lots of work. Can you see yourself, lunch rush accompanying you as usual, with all the food orders coming in? Or are you looking to take on the challenge of performance marketing? The chances are high that if you have even thought about launching a new concept or selling your restaurant’s services to different venues, performance marketing is one of the ways.

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Here are 6 steps to do performance marketing for restaurants.

1) Learn what works:

What do you really need to know when getting started?

What is the right place to start with performance marketing? Perhaps your competitors are already doing it, and they have been able to take advantage of the changing times.

If this is the case, you can choose not to bother yourself. However, if you wish to make things work for yourself, then it would be great if you know what works for your competition in terms of generating traffic and sales.

You would want to understand the way or the ways that make their model successful. You should also learn where they are spending most of their resources; things like search engine marketing (SEM), social media, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, etc.

2) Diversify: 

If you are still considering performance marketing as a new, exciting proposition in the face of what is already established and working for your competitors.

But if you have decided to do it anyway, then you should choose a different approach. If your competitors are utilizing everything from those mentioned above to their advantage, then there is no point in trying to perform the exact same way.

Instead of that, why not take a more holistic approach? Focus on generating traffic and sales from both organic search traffic and paid advertising campaigns while taking into account social media. Then when all these are done, focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO) and learn how to brand yourself among your target audience.


3) Budget: 

How much can you really afford to do? In most cases, the answer is always: it depends. What is more important is to get a realistic figure in mind first. That will help you decide what kind of budget you can actually afford and where you should put it.


4) Identify your target market: 

This would be an aspect that needs to be carefully done for every performance marketing campaign. Why just leave the possibilities to run wild?

It would be great being able to know exactly how many people are likely to come from each area when looking at the demographic data of your location. If your target audience is potential customers from surrounding areas and regions, then it would be best if you ran advertisements in those areas as well.

If however you just want to focus on the same sets of people that go to your location, then it would be better if you consider doing store advertising as well.


5) Define your objectives:

 Once you have decided how to create and run performance marketing for restaurant campaigns, it’s time to figure out what you would want it to achieve.

There are some common objectives for which companies do performance marketing. These may include anything from generating sales and traffic, getting leads, managing foot traffic, and closing sales.

Different types of campaigns will be needed for each objective. It is best being able to know exactly what kind of campaign would work best for your purpose and initial goals.


6) Continuously Creating Content: 

Nowadays, it has always been advised to create and post fresh and unique content to increase the visibility of commercial websites. This method is not only applicable to website owners but can also be used by restaurants for promotional purposes.

You should have a constant flow of new content or articles ready to be posted on your social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to always use full image descriptions too while posting. Your customers will appreciate the extra information as they read through your posts, some of them may also make bookings or get interested in what you have so much available in store.



If you are still thinking about what to do as your first step in terms of performance marketing for restaurants, then this article should answer all your questions. After doing a little bit of research on what has been working for others, you will be able to establish how you would want to start, where to put your budget, and when or when not to go for each type of campaign.

You might have the right idea but it may take some time and effort before you get the results that match your expectations.


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