Project on The Asian Wok

Project on The Asian Wok

Project on The Asian Wok

Project on The Asian WokProject on The Asian WokProject on The Asian Wok

We personally believe that the first step towards success lies in building a strong brand. The journey may be a bit tiresome and time-consuming but do not lose hope – we’re here with you to guide you till the end.

We have been there when it was very tough to stand out against our competitors and slowly, with years of effort and hard work, we have made our mark in the market as one of the most admired names out there! 🙂

We assisted The Asian Wok to set up its cloud kitchen in Kolkata, did their social media, provided them with consultation, helped them with menu and signage designing, and viola – they’re doing amazing today! Check out the pdf below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and let’s create some magic together! When we first started with Fielmente, people often told us, “What’s so special about it? There are already loads of agencies doing exactly the same!”

And we cannot find a better day than today to reply to that!

One of the most valuable clients of Fielmente, ‘The Asian Wok” has spread its wings with loads of new customers and orders incoming every day!

What did Fielmente do?

  1. We helped them start from scratch and helped them create an effective roadmap.
  2. We did their branding – designed their logo, made a color pallet, and designed intriguing menu options for them.
  3. Then we hopped on social media – we helped them to build a strong online presence through organic postings and ads and created various offers and deals to attract more and more orders.
  4. Later on, we also designed their signage boards for a bit of offline marketing and it started to work like a wonder!
  5. Our team provided them with 24/7 consultation to assist them whenever they got stuck at any place, at any time.
  6. We helped them set up the whole Cloud Kitchen restaurant in Kolkata and guided them to deliver proper orders with proper packaging on time.

And there it is – they’re doing more than great today! Fielmente doesn’t just take up orders and complete them – we stand by our clients from start to end until they become highly profitable and well-branded!

We want to thank our clients for giving us this opportunity to prove our potential to them and a big kudos to team Fielmente for excellent coordination and all the hard work!


Project on The Asian Wok

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