Another milestone in Fielmente’s journey

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Another milestone in Fielmente's journey

Success comes to those who dare to act.

It’s been a year since we dared to act. Fielmente launched in 2020 to create a difference in the hospitality industry. We are a hospitality marketing that has always believed in the strength of creative ideas along with technology. Our goal is to help passionate brands unlock their full potential with this belief. So far we have been successful in helping out more than 50 brands by offering our 6 exclusive services and guidance.

Nonetheless, that is not all about our journey because Fielmente has added a new chapter to its successful history. We have been acknowledged by the Government of India (GOI). The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has recognized us as a startup. It’s a moment of joy but there’s someone without whom we couldn’t have reached this height.


Our true treasure

They say once you find your treasure, the path to get there loses its importance. Indeed, it’s real and we believe our supportive clients are our greatest treasure. It was our clients who gave us a motive and still do. They inspired us to keep going on this path no matter the number of hardships we have to face.

We have learned to – keep going till you achieve your goal, all thanks to Fielmente’s(our) customers or in more polished terms our partners.

However, Success is a journey, not a destination. That’s why we will continue our journey to help businesses. We find happiness when passionate and mission-driven companies achieve their full potential.


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