6 Creative Ways to Market Your Hotel on a Shoestring Budget

Market Your Hotel

As digital marketing is shifting rapidly, your hotel must use the best marketing concepts to drive new business. Online marketing through SEO, content, social media, paid campaigns, chatbots, and reputation management could greatly impact your hotel business. Oh, wait! Your website’s user experience is also important. But, don’t worry, Fielmente is here.

To help you take your restaurant to the next level, we’ve suggested some creative ideas that would require little or no budget.

Do a Q&A session with an industry expert at your hotel to drive marketing results.

Create a Q&A or a podcast with an industry expert with a big social following. After the interview, post their responses on your social media, company’s blog, or newsletters.

This type of content marketing works because the experts you interview might act as a brand preachers and bring their audience to you. Also, you can conduct live YouTube sessions and ask the audience to submit their questions for better engagement.


Optimize your hotel’s website for voice search.

Event Planners and potential clients increasingly use voice search to get quick answers. So when you ask, “ Hey Siri, how many rooms are in the XYZ Hotel?” you need to make sure Siri knows the answer.

But how?

  • Customize your SEO strategy and content so that modern speakers can easily tell the answers.
  • Make the FAQs on your website as clear as possible so that search engines can find the answers properly.
  • Find out the keywords your target consumers are searching for.
  • Use alternative tags and descriptions on your images and all parts of your website to permit easy scanning and to occur through voice search.


Create hotel ambassadors.

Sometimes a simple marketing idea for hotels comes from a simple hack. So reach out to your hotel employees and get this strategy done.

Let them post on social media.

Choose an in-house ambassador to reach people, interact with potential customers, and share unique thoughts about your business. This will help solidify the brand value more. These optimistic brand messages on social media will help build a well-known and respectable image.


Create “blesuire” experiences at your hotel

What’s that? – Business + Leisure. Remember that event planners need to have meetings for business events, and your hotel’s services can help them achieve that.

These days, travelers seek remarkable local experiences while on their business trips. Business travelers look forward to hotels that can host the program and offer special services like a gym, spa, sporting activities, social happy hours, and other luxuries. A taste of regional culture, great food, and eye-catching sights don’t hurt either.


Offer upgrades to business travelers.

  • Extravagance amenities
  • Free ride to a major convention
  • A free beverage at the hotel bar or restaurant
  • Tickets to reservations at high-end restaurants
  • Access to a local music venue

An add-on or upgrade can close the deal for guests. Weave in tailored add-ons like these when clients go to book:

Post testimonials and reviews on your hotel’s website.

Your possible clients will read the feedback no matter what, so you might as well place them on your social media! You can ask past guests for custom reviews, or you can take the quotes from review sites like TripAdvisor.


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